Why is your Lemon Balm different from the others?

Typical Lemon Balm is around 91% pure or 94% at best.  To effectively treat HSV, the it must be 100% pure with no additives or carrier oils. We source our Lemon Balm from Germany and it’s made exclusively for Creekside Laboratories. It’s concentration and purity is the same as used in the German clinical studies. All patients in the study did not experience of recurrence of herpes. Germany is known as one of the highest quality manufacturers of Lemon Balm and they are closely monitored by government agencies to ensure quality.

How does the Lemon Balm treatment for herpes work?

HSV-1 and HSV-2 both travel through the body’s nerve pathways to eventually outbreak on the skin. When applied directly to the skin area of the impending outbreak, the Lemon Balm molecules are such that they travel up through the nerves to attack and kill the HSV virus. It kills the virus before it can erupt on the skin. Moreover, studies reported indicate that no recurrences were seen after treatment. Specifically, the application of a purified and concentrated Lemon Balm essential oil killed the HSV virus and the patients never saw another outbreak — ever!

How much and how often must I do the treatment before I stop seeing a recurrence of herpes?

One or two drops applied at the right time may be all you will need. However, a 1ml bottle contains about 40 drops of Lemon Balm essential oil. How to apply, when to apply, how much to apply and how often to apply is critical and explained in our instructional pamphlet.

Is Lemon Balm safe?

Lemon Balm is FDA approved for internal and external consumption. Click here to go to the FDA site.

Please Note: Avoid use during pregnancy or if you take thyroid medication.

Is there a difference between cold sores and fever blisters?

There is no difference between cold sores and fever blisters. Both terms refer to the same virus.

Are there other effective home remedies for cold sores or fever blisters, herpes etc. besides Lemon Balm?

Yes, but none have had much reported success. Purified, concentrated Lemon Balm had a 100% success rate inhibiting the recurrence of a herpes outbreak, in the German hospitals and dermatology clinic studies.